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Award-Winning Scottish Craft Brewer Innis & Gunn Announces Release of
Two New Limited Production Beers to the U.S. Market

Uniondale, N.Y. September 7, 2011 - Innis & Gunn, Scotland's largest independent brewing company, announced details about two new beers coming to the U.S. this Fall, a very limited production quantity of Innis & Gunn Highland Cask and the highly-anticipated Innis & Gun Winter Beer which will be available for the first time as part of the 2011 holiday pack.

In 1993 newly distilled Highland single malt whisky was filled into casks and left to age for 18 years. Earlier this year, the mature whisky was disgorged for bottling and those casks were refilled with fresh brewed Innis & Gunn beer. The beer was left to mature in the oak-aged in casks taking on subtle flavors of the mature 18 year old single malt whiskies from the Highland region of Scotland. "These are very rare casks and we only ever use them once to make Innis & Gunn Highland Cask," said Dougal Sharp, owner and brewer at Innis & Gunn. "After that they go back to the distillery. Perhaps we will be offered them again in 2029!"

The color, Sharp explains, is deep red. "Raising the glass, immediately on the nose I find toffee, malt, raisins with a hint of orange. On the palate this beer is rugged and beautiful, packed with classic Highland malt flavors of orange and oak balanced by raising notes from the rye. And the finish is deeply satisfying; complex, warming and smooth." Innis & Gun Highland Cask will be available in a very limited number of outlets, in 750ml and 330ml bottles. "If you are interested and you find Innis & Gunn Highland Cask in a store or a bar, buy it," says Innis & Gunn chairman, Tony Hunt. "Not only is this beer exceptionally good, but there is not very much of it available."

Joining Innis & Gunn Original, Innis & Gunn Rum Cask and the special Innis & Gunn glass in the 2011 holiday pack is the new Innis & Gunn Winter Beer. "The Winter Beer was designed to provide rich, sumptuous flavor. To be a big beer in every sense," said Hunt. "But at the same time we wanted it to be delicious. While some brewers today set out to make extreme beers, we strive to make extremely delicious beers. With this Winter Beer, we accomplished our goal," he added.

"We use Amber and Cara malts in the recipe which provide a rich, almost chewy malt backbone and body, while the classic blend of aroma hops, Fuggles, Goldings and Styrian Goldings, add their signature vibrant character," explains Brewmaster Sharp. Oak-aging beer is a key stage for the makers of Innis & Gunn. For the Winter Beer, American Bourbon Oak is used to mellow the beer and provide depth and complexity. Innis & Gunn Winter Beer is available exclusively in the 3-bottle holiday pack which contains the Innis & Gunn branded glass.

"Innis & Gunn is known internationally for their limited editions, and we have already taken orders for virtually all the stock of Highland Cask and the holiday pack that is coming into the USA," said Dan Deluca, Managing Director of Innis & Gunn USA. "We are trying to be fair to everyone."

Both beers, the Innis & Gunn Highland Cask and the Innis & Gunn Winter Beer will be available for the first time in the U.S., starting September 2011 at select retail locations and drinking establishments nationwide. Get the latest info from Innis & Gunn USA at

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