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Special Event—Samples Ship to Home


NEW YORK, NY.  January 5, 2021 – Starfish Junction Productions, an award-winning Long Island-based event company, continues its virtual tutored-tasting series on Sunday, January 31, 2021 with event sponsor, Buunni Coffee.  This tasting event will celebrate the culture and coffees of Ethiopia.  Click here for tickets and information. 

Virtual events are growing in popularity as strict pandemic guidelines continue to be encouraged and enforced.  The virtual event series offers participants an opportunity to enjoy gathering with others who share their passion in an environment that is safe and pandemic-compliant and offers sponsors the opportunity to stay connected to their fans and create new customers. 

Event hosts Sarina Prabasi and Elias Gurmu, the owners and founders of Buunni Coffee, will lead participants through a tutored-tasting of four different coffees—each with a distinct flavor profile, including light roast and dark roast samples of Yirgacheffe coffee, the sweet and mildly smoky Limu coffee, and the complex and naturally processed Sidama coffee.  Sarina and Elias will talk about Ethiopian coffee, coffee culture, and the Ethiopian coffee ceremony.  They will also share their personal journey of moving from Addis Ababa, Ethiopia to New York and bringing the ethos of Ethiopian coffee culture to the business they successfully launched back in 2012.

Tickets ($29) to this special event serve up to four people from a single location/log-in.  All ticket buyers will receive fresh-roasted samples of four varieties of specialty Ethiopian coffee prior to the event—the coffees will be brewed and sampled during the online seminar.  Buyers are able to select whole bean or ground coffee at checkout.  Tickets are limited, more than half already claimed.  Deadline to purchase is 5:00pm on January 18, 2021 or when maximum capacity is reached. Ticket and info:

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